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 Help wanted to capture scenes for new videos

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PostSubject: Help wanted to capture scenes for new videos   Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:15 pm

I am looking to do somthing different in my new videos for Intrepid to make them that little bit more special. I am looking for people to actually record scenes for me, so this time the entire video isnt shot through one persons view.

In order to capture the scenes you will need a program called fraps, however you will need to pay to use the full version. If you intrerested and dont feel like paying, then prehaps i can help you with a special copy Rolling Eyes

once you have fraps you will be able to record live ff11 footage, if you leave settings at default then f9 should be the button to press to record. Fraps might have a fit if you have more than 1 executable program open at one time, like 2 games or 2 ff11 accounts on the same pc both logged on as it gets confused what to record.

you will need an estimated 30gig worth of space to realistically get some scenes, you wont be able to record an entire run though, every 5 minutes will probably cost you 3gig of your hard drive, and i dont think it will take the hard drive to 0byte space, so the 30 gig is more like 20 gig and buffer. If you dont have the space then it probably wont work

once captured, you will need to give me the scenes so i can work my magic! to do this you will need either Windows movie maker or another video editing software. Every windows pc should have the movie maker installed so chances are that i can talk you through converting the files into managable files.

Lastly to transfer them to me we will have to deciede the best option per person, MSN messanger seems fine for this, other than this we can probably use filefront or another uploading website.

/tell me if you are interested in creating the new videos

oh yes videos, 2 videos this time (i has an idea)
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Help wanted to capture scenes for new videos
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