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 Neelia's App

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PostSubject: Neelia's App   Sat Jan 16, 2010 8:29 am

All jobs 65+ Dnc (Rdm & Blm - Retired from Endgame)

Future plans for any job your taking to 65+ within the next month None within that time frame...working on Pld which is now at 57.

Dynamis clears that you have (if you dont have cities, do not apply) All cities, Bub and Valk.

Attendence rate (roughly how many runs will you be able to attend) I can attend all runs.

Dynamis experience ( 5 runs, 2 months, sack responibilities) - I have been doing Dynamis with several shells across 3 servers and do have quite a bit of experience.

any server hoping (reasons into why) - Diabolos: I ran a social shell for about 3 years which went downhill due to drama and many friends quit...I went to Odin where I assisted in the running of an Einherjar shell. That too, became fraught with drama and due to server close many ppl I worked with either quit or jumped servers again. I was in a Dynamis shell briefly within that time but the leader made me feel uncomfortable and started asking many personal questions. I did not stay long with them due to that. I went back to Diabolos where I didn't feel quit at home anymore and did some Dynamis runs with my old EG shell, WoC (now Ivalice) and assisted in leading an Einherjar shell - They have a forum and I know that the leaders, Leolaring and Kainin would vouch for my character as an honest and hard working shell member. After much persuading on the part of friends from Hades, I transfered here where I am extremely happy and now looking for a Dynamis shell with which to settle in and work with.

any social or friend connection to the ls - Fryce mentioned you...he joined recently as well as Arewin and a few others..

Refferal source (person heard from, or invited you) - Same as above.

and lastly, what is your greatest fear? - My greatest fear would have to be not being able to utilize the job that I have come to love and excel at - Dnc.
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PostSubject: Re: Neelia's App   Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:11 am

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Neelia's App
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