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 app for dynamis and LS?

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PostSubject: app for dynamis and LS?   Sat Sep 19, 2009 1:44 pm


Please see my reply below~
ingame name: mankat

All jobs 65+ [b](mnk nin thf brd)[/b]
Future plans for any job your taking to 65+ within the next month (rdm)
Dynamis clears that you have (if you dont have cities, do not apply) (all cities cleared)
Attendence rate (roughly how many runs will you be able to attend) (every sunday)
Dynamis experience ( 5 runs, 2 months, sack responibilities) (ard 2-3 years)
any server hoping (reasons into why) (did not hope)
any social or friend connection to the ls (nope, no connection)
Refferal source (person heard from, or invited you) (saw your shouts)

and lastly, what is your greatest fear? (Galka in subligar)
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PostSubject: Re: app for dynamis and LS?   Sun Sep 20, 2009 2:54 am

I would love to accept you but you see your last comment about the Galka Subligar.... Lets just say you going be afraid of our ls! Well i'm jking we'll accept you, nice jobs could use thf and or brd on alternating runs. We got dynamis Jeuno today (20/9/9) i'll pearl you then if i dont see you before hand
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app for dynamis and LS?
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