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 Application Format and Trial Information

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PostSubject: Application Format and Trial Information   Sun May 31, 2009 6:08 am

lvl 75 Job
Bastok, Sandy, Windy, Jeuno, Dynamis Clears

There are a few things we need to know in order to proccess your application, these are the following;

All jobs 65+
Future plans for any job your taking to 65+ within the next month
Dynamis clears that you have (if you dont have cities, do not apply)
Attendence rate (roughly how many runs will you be able to attend)
Dynamis experience ( 5 runs, 2 months, sack responibilities)
any server hoping (reasons into why)
any social or friend connection to the ls
Refferal source (person heard from, or invited you)

and lastly, what is your greatest fear?

If you are accepted, as of September the 13th 2009 you will be required to do a trial for the linkshell, this simple allows us to get a good view of you and your strengths before making a final dession on whether or not to accept you.

The Trial will consist of 4 Dynamis runs, if you are unable to attend a run due to abense then you must inform myself or a sackholder of the linkshell before you are absent. If you are unable to attend a run due to no clearance for a zone then we will remove that run from the equation and your trial will be exstended until you have a chance of 4 runs you can make.

You will be unable to lot for your first run, you will start with 0 points, any af that drops even if unwanted shall not be bidded or lotted by yourself

After you're first run you may proceede in Bidding, i urge that you strongly pay attention on you're first run to work out how are bid system works

If you're application and trail is successful then you will be given an additional 3 points and welcomed into the linkshell, you will recieve salery as a trial member (40K per run) after which you will be upgraded to full member salery pay

You're trial can be termniated on the grounds that a player;
1: acts irrisponsibly and, or provokes reacation from other members of the linkshell causing distruption to a run
2: Purpusly intends to MPK other team mates (without there permision)
3: Wrongfully lots an AF item
4: Lots Currency or fails to return any free droped currency to a sack holder or myself
5: Afk's for long periods of time without good reason
6: Turns up consistantly late for runs, or consistantly leaves early
7: Deemed to under preform in his or her duties on the job choosen for them
8: Fails or chooses not to obey a direct order from a sack holder or myself

If for any reason you're trail is terminated, you will be given compensation for the amount of runs you have fully attended, 40K per run
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Application Format and Trial Information
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